Thursday Trios – Another Special Delivery

I love receiving parcels at the door

Last week I had a trio of wine arrive at the house for a special wine tasting Zoom meeting. Last night my husband and I enjoyed a bit of all three wines paired with cheeses and the special jellies that were also sent with the wine. There were close to 50 participants and both my husband and I were glad that the meeting was muted until the end if you wanted to ask questions. Being muted allowed us to be less self conscious and say whatever we wanted to each other. Even my husband had to admit that it was fun.

Tonight I signed up for another Zoom meeting (also organized by Alumni Week for the University of Guelph) but this time it is for a craft beer tasting. Not sure how this one will work because I can’t imagine tasting all six beers in one sitting. We’ll see how it goes.

I love the labels and the original names on Craft beer cans.

Do any beers pictured here pique your curiosity? Experimental Farm Ale has my attention.

A trio of rosebuds to round out my Thursday Trio post.


Do you have any photos of trios? I’d love to see them. Just copy the link from this post and paste it into your post and I will get a pingback. Have fun!

11 thoughts on “Thursday Trios – Another Special Delivery

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