Wacky Bird Wednesday – It’s Hug a Chicken Day

not really….my husband made it up

For those of you who love chickens you can go ahead and hug your chickens. For the rest of us we can simply hug this chicken virtually. Not sure what inspired Kevin to go with a chicken for Wacky Bird Wednesday.


9 thoughts on “Wacky Bird Wednesday – It’s Hug a Chicken Day

      • I thought you were going to tell me they kept chickens in their yard. When we first moved here a neighbour four blocks over had chickens and every morning we’d here the rooster crowing at the first hint of light.

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      • Living in the country, we have had roosters across the dry creek – thousands of them raised for fighting by an absent landlord. It took some legal moves to make the 5:00 living alarms go away. A more benign family of chickens were the guinea hens that wandered the neighborhood untethered. They loved the church yard best. They were bigger than Kalev and somewhat aggressive. Our neighbors bought them, then they just could keep up with their reproduction and the care. I don’t think you fix guinea hens like you can cats and dogs.


      • I didn’t either. They didn’t bother us too much, but our neighbors, who got them in the first place said they attacked their dogs.


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