Macro Monday – February 8, 2021

….more macro shots from inside the house

2-B5-F040-F-2-DC6-40-F4-B707-821-A840-D4779 58-A1-E9-D8-C58-F-4-FD0-861-F-2-EC2-C6-EBA4-A5 1-FD9-B607-6864-4-CF7-AF70-E162979-A0-F12 FAA80-CD1-29-DE-462-B-91-AE-6-EE1-C0-C3-B589 5383-CE56-94-C2-433-D-B032-0-AEDBD166-FD4 C97-F90-E3-F6-A7-4-B8-A-B17-F-3076-F585-AC8-C

The last two are close-ups of two different paintings that I made many years ago.

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