Two Abstract Studies

painting is good for the soul

I find painting small helps me get rid of any inhibitions I might have about the process. The process for abstract painting is varied, depending on the artist or teacher that you speak to. I find the best way to get started is to just lay down some random marks and go from there.

Here are the two studies that I worked on this morning.

26-FC2081-C12-B-4-E80-AB0-A-924-C49793324-1-201-a B959-E7-C1-7-BD9-4-F43-998-A-AA8718-F8808-A-1-201-a

One Success and One Massive Failure

….happy with the first one and not so much with the second

Painting for me is a process. I’m more of an intuitive painter. I put down a mark on the paper and go from there. Sometimes it works out well and other times it doesn’t.

Yesterday I put a heavy black stroke of black ink on my paper and I knew as soon as I did that it would overpower my subject but I continued painting anyway. After finishing the piece I showed it to my husband and he honestly told me that the black was too much. I agreed and I tried to calm it down with white paint and other marks but it didn’t help.

I’ve decided to wait a bit before doing anything with it but I will probably cut it up and use the parts that I like and collage them into another painting.

6417-FA59-2-E9-C-4-C49-AADB-6-B708568641-C ED839-A21-CDF0-4666-B7-FD-387-BAD903926