30 Day Creativity Challenge – Day 4

…..my attempt at free form poetry

Sisters and Cousins


sibling rivalry

shared memories

some bad but mostly good

some forgotten

others not

separated by marriage and distance

reunited by an aging parent

and children


offspring of the sisters

separate lives

because of distance,

circumstance and work

a longing for family connection

reunited because of their children

an unbreakable bond of love

Four generations; Dad, my sister and I, my youngest daughter and her daughter and my sister’s son and daughter and her daughter’s son.

Thanks to Rainee for hostingĀ The 30 Day Creativity Challenge

Skylights – Day 4 of January Squares

….thanks to Becky B for hostingĀ #JanuaryLights

Over at the mall a lot of natural daylight comes through the amazing skylights over the stores, especially in the new additions that were recently completed. This skylight is one of the original ones that went in during the last major renovation about 20 years ago. 3e918b87-a531-483f-b1d9-188f3ad9ff54.jpeg