Adding Music to my Creativity Experience – Day 23

…thanks to Rainee for introducing me to the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

Last week I started piano lessons. I have a beautiful baby grand piano sitting in my living room that no one has played in almost 20 years. Last year I had it tuned but I finally found a piano teacher who comes to my house for 40 minutes on Thursday mornings.

Gerry is also teaching my neighbour across the street and that is how I got to meet him. Little did I know last week that I would be starting my first lesson the same day. I am a complete newbie and he’s started me on scales and reading simple music. Luckily I know how to read the treble clef notes and I know where middle C is. I’ve been a good girl and have practised every day. I even went out and purchased some beginner piano books from our local thrift store.


Anyway I need to warm up before he gets here this morning. Wish me luck.

Day 22 – Inspired by Fitzgerald

…thanks to Rainee for introducing me to the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

One of the least known  Group of Seven artists was Lionel LeMoine Fitzgerald. He originated from Manitoba and was famous for his prairie landscapes. Later in his life he painted abstracts and still life and enjoyed using pen, ink and pencil. It was one of his abstracts that I saw at the McMichael Art Gallery that inspired this work of art. I used a ball point pen and pencil.DCD81B82-8DB4-456E-B70F-D25C626CE66F_1_201_a