Chicken – 365 Days of Art

….day 144

The assignment from Carla Sonheim this week was to find a photograph of a chicken  and draw the outline with a black Sharpie and then with a finer marker make some detail marks and lastly take a pencil and add some shading. It was optional to add colour with some light coloured markers.


I think I will try this again but use lighter markers or no colour at all.

6 thoughts on “Chicken – 365 Days of Art

      • well there is something very stable and solid about it.
        And mama cormier – I need to come back and explore your 365 days of art a bit more (I am so excited too -)
        how is it going at day 144? or is 145 now?

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      • When I started this project I was hoping to post every day. I’ve discovered that my discipline to draw or create every day is not very consistent. I should be at 236. I’m not fretting about it. Now when I create more than one piece in a day I count each piece as a day. Today will be day 145.

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      • Ahhhh
        Yeah I tried it last year (did you know? – I wonder if yours started sooner) anyhow – i completely burned out in the 200s
        Then went weekly and in month 12 – fizzled our !
        still need to finish
        And maybe I will do something with it someday
        But if not
        It was fun for me at times and it was the journey that counts
        right ?

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