WPC – All Time Favourites

…..I can’t believe it but this will be the last photo challenge posted by WordPress

How do you choose your all time favourites from over 22 000 photos? I’ve managed to narrow it down to four but I’m sure that I’ll come across others that I like as much.fullsizeoutput_6f42

22 thoughts on “WPC – All Time Favourites

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    • This challenge took awhile to complete. I knew which photos I wanted to submit but I hadn’t organized them. At least now these are in my ‘favourites’ folder. Thanks for your support when it comes to my photography and all my blog posts for that matter.

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  3. I’m so sad. I got to see beautiful stuff from all over the world. I even blogged about that once, a long time ago, that my favorite thing about WP photo challenges was that they took you everywhere and anywhere. I’m sad they decided to end it. Seems like they could have just started over with the list from 11 years ago. No one would have noticed repeats.

    Anyway, your photos are beautiful. I guess I need to make a ‘favorites’ folder because, like you, I have thousands to sort through.

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    • Not sure when I’d get around to making folders for all my photos but the favourite one is easy because I just click the heart on my photos page and it immediately goes into the folder. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I agree that WordPress could have started again. I only joined 6 years ago so I’m sure that a lot of themes would be new to me.


      • I have folders for Katie (my dog) and trees (my name for landscapes) for each year, and then one I call funky art for odd stuff…and folders for each trip or event I’ve taken photos at. But still, now that there are so many I dont have a ‘favorite.’ That needs to happen. Thanks for the good idea.

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