Going Around in Circles

….a prompt from Carla Sonheim

Earlier this week Carla prompted us to be meditative by cutting up paper. She cut her’s into circles so I decided to follow her lead. On Friday (later today) Carla will post a new lesson and I have a feeling it will involve the paper we cut up this week. If I’m wrong I’ll come up with some way of using up all this paper.

Since this is a process towards creating more art I’m calling this day 65 of the 365 Days of Art Challenge.IMG_1348

365 Days of Art – A Secret Message

…..day 64 and week 13 of the collage challenge

In week 13 Randel Plowman challenges us to create a collage with words and letters from magazines and newspapers to create a hidden message. Since I used entire words it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out my message.


Have you figured it out?