A Christmas First For Me

….the weather continues to hover above freezing and it’s almost the end of December

Today was our last official Christmas party with the extended family. I woke up early to put the turkey roll in the oven and then I started to clean up from the previous two days. Presents had to be put away, the table needed to be reset, the bathroom needed a touch up and a few more presents needed to be wrapped.

I don’t know why I always find more things to clean when I have a short time line to get things done. I think because people were arriving in the afternoon I felt that any grime I had missed would show up more in the day light. So I started to wash the glass ware and wipe down the shelves in the kitchen.

The weather has been so warm that the spiders have been unusually active and I noticed more webs between the windows and the window screens. I took down the screens in the kitchen and bathroom and started to clean them and I knocked the spiders onto the deck outside. I also took down the patio door screen to clean it but because it is so large I took it outside and leaned it up against the deck rail to wipe it down. As I was doing this I realized that I was outside in my nightgown with a sweater and bare feet. It was so mild that I wasn’t the least bit cold. I can honestly say that I’ve never gone barefoot outside on the 26th of December in Toronto before today.

It hindsight it might not have been a very wise thing to do. You see I’ve been suffering with a head cold and laryngitis for the last three days and I may have made it worse. As I write this I’m drinking my Neo Citran and I hope that it will relieve me of my headache and stuffy nose. I’m sure a good night’s sleep and no more pressure to entertain for a few days will help. Oh did I mention that on the 30th my twins will be celebrating their birthday? My son is here from London, England so we’ll probably have another family get together on Wednesday.

As much as I love Christmas and having family get togethers I’m glad for a few days of rest. The temperature also looks likes it’s dropping a bit so there won’t be anymore trips outside in bare feet.


23 thoughts on “A Christmas First For Me

    • I’m sure my neighbours out back must have thought I was crazy. Last night I was coughing up a storm when I went to bed but I did eventually fall asleep and didn’t wake up till 10:00 this morning. I’m starting to feel better. Thanks!

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  1. It is wonderful when the family gathers for special days like Christmas. The excitement and chaos is thrilling at first. Now I want to crawl into a quiet space for a while 🙂

    You had the added excitement of a wee one. I’m smiling for you!! Hope you ditch the cold soon.

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    • Maybe if I was more diligent about cleaning on a more regular basis I wouldn’t have so much to do before I get company. That should probably be one of my New Year’s resolutions. LOL! The year 2016 had better be good to me. I don’t think I can go through another year like this one.


      • My excuse is that there are more important things in life than removing every speck of dust or fingermark.Plus I have a husband who hates to throw anything away – come to think of it, I’m a bit like that myself!
        New babies bring their own luck, so hopefully 2016 will be great for you all.

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    • Thank you Sarah. I’m fine but my son is still waiting for surgery at the hospital. Hopefully it will happen later today. The surgeon did 8 surgeries yesterday and didn’t get to B. At least they found him a bed and he’s in a room and they can keep him somewhat comfortable while he waits.


      • Sorry to hear that. I hope they’ve got the pain under control. My son broke his leg last year. They wanted to pin it but my son didn’t want surgery so they managed to set it nicely and waited to see how it healed by itself. Thankfully it’s almost back to normal now. I hope your son makes a similar recovery.


      • Unfortunately he still hasn’t had the surgery. I was with him until 10:00 tonight before we were told that it wasn’t happening tonight either. I think he’s on the schedule for the morning. Fingers crossed. He’s in bed all day and the pain is manageable. I think his break is impossible to cast and it needs to be wired together to heal properly.


  2. Barefoot in Toronto at Christmastime! How extraordinary. When I remember back to Toronto in the winter I think of eating roasted chestnuts by the ice skating pond in front of city hall, but that was decades ago. Is it still being used for skating in the winter?

    Hope your son is doing better.

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    • The skating rink is still there but this year it’s been under a lot of water because of the mild temperatures. We had our first big storm on Monday but the temperatures have been coming down again and all the snow has already melted away. My son is still waiting to have his surgery. I’m sure there’s a blog post in this story.


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