Christmas Delights

…while many of you are busy preparing for Christmas dinner I’m having a little down time

Our big Christmas celebration took place last night on Christmas Eve. My husband has long enjoyed the German tradition of opening gifts on the 24th since we first met 42 years ago. Now that our children are grown and have significant others we only prepare Christmas dinner every other year and this is that year. Later today we will be driving to Hamilton to enjoy a dinner prepared my daughter and her husband.

I thought I would take this time to share some of the highlights of this years Christmas season. As many of you know I’m a teacher librarian/art teacher. I essentially teach every student in the school for library and I have four classes that I do art with.

The week before Christmas I started receiving gifts from students and their families. There’s always one gift that stands out for me and this one brought a huge smile to my face and I couldn’t wait to share it with my colleagues and friends.

One of my grade one students brought me a small box that he had clearly wrapped himself and very proudly handed it to me. When I unwrapped the paper I discovered that the box was from Juicy Couture. IMG_7136 When I read the name out loud, T very quickly declared that the box had nothing to do with what was inside. When I opened the lid I couldn’t help but smile for inside the box lay an angel that he had clearly made himself.IMG_7137

He used masking tape, paper and marker to create this little gem. Today it sits prominently  on my Christmas tree, just below our angel tree topper. Aren’t kids wonderful?


Hopefully I’ll have more stories to share throughout the week.

Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays.


13 thoughts on “Christmas Delights

  1. I love the Angel, I would have never thought to make one like that – great creativity! My mother always kept her German tradition of Christmas Eve when we would be visited by the KristKind and St Nikolaus Day on Dec 6. It is always nice to hear when someone else celebrates a German Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family. 😉

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    • Thank you Patty. We had a wonderful 3 days of Christmas with the family. I have to admit though that I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and hopefully this cold that I’ve had will start to disappear.


      • Thank you, the cold is long gone. I just hope that it doesn’t come back when everything goes back to normal here. That’s usually when I get sick. Luckily I’m not sick very often.


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