A Farewell Celebration Followed by a Birthday Celebration

….this weekend we fondly remembered my aunt and celebrated my oldest daughter’s 35th birthday

I don’t have a very large extended family. My mother only had one sister and my father had a sister who also passed away this year and he has a brother who still lives in Germany. In total I have five cousins. Three live in Germany, one in Florida and one in Hamilton.

I have two sisters and in total we have 7 children. My youngest sister lives in Calgary with her husband and two children and my middle sister lives in Chatham with her new husband. Her two children live, here, in Toronto. Of my three children, two still live in Toronto and my son now resides in London, England.

This weekend brought some of us together to celebrate the life of my aunt, my mother’s older sister. My own mother passed over 20 years ago at the young age of 61.

My aunt H had two children, late in life and when her husband died in his early fifties she moved to Canada to be closer to her sister and give her children a fresh start.

On Saturday my cousin arranged for a simple memorial gathering at the funeral home. She put together three boards of photos and brought along 5 or 6 photo albums of her mother’s life. While going through her mother’s possessions she found this amazing photograph. We think she was about 19 or 20 when this photo was taken.


Later that evening 15 family members went to a very nice restaurant for dinner together where we could spend more time together and reminisce.

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Today we had all my children together (including our son) to celebrate A’s birthday. I can’t believe that I have a 35 year old daughter. Our good friends B and W also came over to help us celebrate. My husband and daughter, G, made fantastic pizza rolls called stromboli. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it but there is one at the link that I posted.

Later we had coffee and wonderful cake that J brought. The round things on top that look like rocks were called cake truffles (very sweet).


IMG_3277 IMG_3281

Six weeks before Christmas. There’s been so much food in the last few days that my husband and I feel like juice fasting. Instead we’ve decided to really focus on healthy eating and moving more. I’m actually looking forward to no sweets and carbs and eating more fruits and vegetables and simply grilled meats. Pass the water, please!


2 thoughts on “A Farewell Celebration Followed by a Birthday Celebration

  1. It’s such a pity that we seem to have to wait until a person is no longer with us before we learn of their lives, but that’s the way it seems to be.

    A few years ago, at a cousin’s daughter’s 50th birthday, she was able to use a large furnished area in the place where she works to have a party. She used boards to display family photos with some information about family history. It proved a source of fascination for the entire event. People asked about those in the photos, reminisced, provided additional information and asked for copies of photographs of particular interest in return for copies of some in their possession. It would be so interesting if a family history book could be compiled…but guess lack of time for such things probably means it never will.


    • As I get older these things seem to matter more and more. My sister just came back from a trip to Germany and spent a day with one of my mother’s cousins who is a bit younger than my mother would have been. She seems to be the keeper of family records and photos on my mom’s side and my sister had an opportunity to copy many of the photos she owned. I hope to see them soon. We’re talking about putting together a family album and making copies for everyone in the family.


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