…. it snowed again today

Story #5 for the Daily Post Writing Challenge


It snowed again today

Like icing sugar falling from the sky

it was soft, dry and cold on the skin

A new layer of pristine lacy crystals

blanketed the already greying layer of snow

that had fallen the day before

P1000037Walking was not without effort

With each step the powdery stuff reached the top of our boots

as we carved new trails  into the virgin snow

P1000041The dog was in paradise

She leaped like a deer and buried her nose

in the freshly fallen mana from heaven

P1000036Once we reached the wooded area in the park

the stillness and serenity were deafening

The sounds of the city were completely muffled by the blanket of snow

It felt like we were a hundred miles from civilization

with only the birds and snow covered boughs surrounding us

For an hour we were transported to a

magical fantasy world

My only regret is that I didn’t lie in the snow and make

a snow angel

P1000039P1000045 P1000044 P1000043

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