25k on the Bike Today

….and I can barely keep my eyes open

It’s been a long and productive day today but now that I’m ready to work on my report cards I find myself falling asleep over the computer.

Early this morning my husband and I set off for the Junction Farmer’s Market. It’s about twice the distance to get to this market compared to the one we went to last weekend. We were able to get there largely on bike trails and the city streets that we had to use  were mostly through quiet neighbourhoods. It was a beautiful day again today so there were a lot of people out on their bikes, rollerblades and on foot. The one big mistake we made today was not bringing water with us. When we got to our destination the first thing I did was buy a bottle of water.

The Junction Farmers’ Market was crazy busy. We bought some bread and squares from a fantastic baker, dips and sauces from a woman who was into ‘good food for good’ and wine from one of our favourite wineries, Tawes. Before getting back on our bikes to visit our daughter a little further east we stopped for coffee and water at Full Stop.


We rode for another 2k to get to A and J’s place. We sat out in the backyard and enjoyed some light refreshments and great conversation with our daughters and two of their friends  who just happened to be visiting at the time. After an hour or so we hopped back on our bikes and started on the long ride back home. It was a little easier going back because there were more declines than inclines but I was really starting to feel it in my upper thighs and knees as we got closer to home.


Once we were home we made a lunch and then I got in the car and drove around to buy things I needed for my next art project. When I got back we both worked in the garden for a bit and then we got changed and walked up the street to our favourite Indian restaurant, Bombay by the Lake. It’s been awhile since we’ve treated ourselves to a restaurant meal and being able to walk there was a bonus.

After dinner when we were walking home we noticed a sign for a garage sale that is taking place tomorrow morning. The thing that caught our eye was the list of items that are going to be sold and in particular the mandolin. My husband has wanted a mandolin for some time now. When we passed the house where the sale is being held we saw the owner outside working on his porch so we walked up to him and asked him about the musical instrument that they were advertising. He told us that the mandolin is his wife’s and he had no idea how much she wanted for it but he did go into the house and brought it out for us to look at. It’s a beauty. When we got home K got on the internet and researched the value of that particular model. I think he’ll be heading back there tomorrow morning to make a deal.

Well I’m amazed that I’ve been able to write this much without falling asleep. I am really physically tired. Maybe I’ll try entering my marks tonight and get up early to finish writing my comments. Here’s to a great day.


Forgot My Computer at School

…….can’t access my report cards, upload my photos

Yesterday I stayed at school until 8:00 pm. The school council hosted a Hallowe’en party

for the kids Friday evening and the book fair was open for the parents to browse and shop while their children enjoyed the activities that were organized for them. The principal stayed and helped me at the cash desk while I restocked the shelves, helped parents with their purchases and took a few pictures. When it was time to go home I quickly grabbed my things, locked up and drove home.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that I had left my laptop at school. It was too late to go back. All I have to work on is the iPad and again I’m having some difficulty writing my post. I’m unable to upload my photos from the camera and as you can see I’m having some spacing issues. The other problem that I have is that our report cards are due on Monday and I can’t access them with the iPad. Hopefully I can input my marks first thing Monday morning before the report cards are printed in the afternoon.

I feel lost without my laptop. How sad is that! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I should be back up to speed on Monday.

Planning for the Summer

…..opening the cottage and buying tickets for flights to Europe

It all seems so surreal. We haven’t done either of the above yet. It’s almost the end of May and my focus has been on school and it continues to be my focus.

On Friday we will be hosting our Jump Rope for Heart activity and then I’ll be collecting and counting the donations and filling in the paperwork in the week to follow. Next Tuesday the girls’ soccer team will be playing at the Esther Shiner Stadium for the West Conference Finals. One more practice tomorrow morning.


Also next week we have two more sessions for Girls on the Run and then on Sunday June 9 we head up to Vaughn Mills for the actual 5k race. On Friday, next week, we have a report card writing day which is city wide. Hopefully we won’t have the usual problems when more than 11 000 teachers try to get on the system at the same time. Two of us are the report card administrators at my school we are in charge of making sure that there are no glitches in the system at the school level. Unfortunately there are always glitches but they are usually easily fixable.

The following week I have to print all the report cards for the staff. Not a difficult task but somewhat time consuming because again every school in the board prints at the same time and everything comes through cyberspace. The following day I have my physical. That reminds me, I have to check what time my appointment is. I can’t remember if I managed a time after school or if I have to take time off.

On the 13th my Forest of Reading student book club is having their big celebration day. Plans are underway and so far we’ve prepared a book making activity and one of my colleagues has confirmed that we have an artist coming in to do a drama workshop with the students. A pizza lunch has yet to be organized and prizes have to be obtained.


Tonight I spoke with my oldest daughter and we’ve set a potential date to open the cottage. It looks like it may be the Father’s Day weekend. I have to contact my friend D and see if she wants to go up the same weekend.

P1010867 P1010811

The week following, the school will be preparing for the spring concert. I promised my friend L, who is the music teacher, that I would help her with the organization. There is also a possibility that somewhere in the middle of all of this that the girls’ soccer team could advance to the city finals but I guess I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch.IMGP0142

In the last week of school the grade 5 students have their farewell assembly and a special activity day. This will be the first year since I started at Rosethorn that I won’t be directly involved with these activities. That means, however, that I will probably be in charge of an activity for the school wide fun day instead.P1010535

Somewhere I have to find time to pack up a wall of library books before we leave for summer vacation. During the summer, construction workers will be coming in to remove the wall between the library and the computer lab.


My husband has applied for his new passport and he’s been in touch with family overseas. He’s going to look into booking tickets for our flights in the next week or two and then we’ll sit down and make plans for our accommodations and planning our itinerary. We’re hoping to meet up with our son and his girlfriend when they go to Dublin for a conference. We’d like him to meet the Irish cousins and hopefully we can plan a short trip to the west coast with him.


I know people who plan months in advance for a trip like this. I’m a little nervous that we’ve left it so late but with my husband’s health issues we can’t plan too far in advance. Even at this stage we’re still waiting for one more appointment before we can make definite plans.

In the end it will all work out. If Europe doesn’t pan out, I still have the cottage and my little paradise in the sun and I will see my son in the fall.

Rain, Rain and More Rain

…… and my computer is really sick.

Double whammy!

Never in my life have I ever seen so much rain and for so long. It’s been raining for over 15 hours and at times it looked liked a typhoon out there. I think it’s the wind that makes this day seem unbearable. Trees are down, a subway station flooded, power outages and umbrellas are useless.

It was a PA day today. The kids had the day off and I can only imagine how restless they must have been not being able to go outside. When I finally got to school I completed a lot of tasks that I can’t do when the students are around. The day was intended to get a head start on report cards but I didn’t even get close to a computer.

That brings me back to my computer. Right now I’m using my husband’s laptop but it’s just not the same. At Apple this morning I was told that it would cost a minimum of $600.00 to fix my computer. That’s not going to happen. I’ve pretty much decided that I’m buying a new one. The question is when? If I win the lottery tonight I’ll be back at the Apple store tomorrow. Wish me luck!

What lesson did I learn from this experience? …….don’t drink your morning coffee while checking your blog stats on the computer!!!!