Rain, Rain and More Rain

…… and my computer is really sick.

Double whammy!

Never in my life have I ever seen so much rain and for so long. It’s been raining for over 15 hours and at times it looked liked a typhoon out there. I think it’s the wind that makes this day seem unbearable. Trees are down, a subway station flooded, power outages and umbrellas are useless.

It was a PA day today. The kids had the day off and I can only imagine how restless they must have been not being able to go outside. When I finally got to school I completed a lot of tasks that I can’t do when the students are around. The day was intended to get a head start on report cards but I didn’t even get close to a computer.

That brings me back to my computer. Right now I’m using my husband’s laptop but it’s just not the same. At Apple this morning I was told that it would cost a minimum of $600.00 to fix my computer. That’s not going to happen. I’ve pretty much decided that I’m buying a new one. The question is when? If I win the lottery tonight I’ll be back at the Apple store tomorrow. Wish me luck!

What lesson did I learn from this experience? …….don’t drink your morning coffee while checking your blog stats on the computer!!!!

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