My Computer is Sick

….. we have an appointment to see the computer doctor tomorrow morning

Today was K’s last chemo treatment. The girls and I decided to surprise him and join him for lunch at a nice restaurant on Roncesvales. He was really pleased to see us walk through the door. While we were in the restaurant an old friend of ours walked through the door. I don’t think he recognized us right away but we invited him to join us. It was nice to catch up with him. He told us that he had an art show next to the restaurant and invited us to look at his paintings.

In the coffee shop, next door, there were about a dozen small colourful abstract paintings done by Sam. After admiring his work the strangest thing happened. He asked us which ones were our favourites and then he pulled them off the wall and gave them to us. I tried to pay for them but he wouldn’t take any money. When I get back on my own computer I will post a picture of the painting he gifted me.

I might have to take a break from posting stories for a few days until I get my computer problems sorted. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. I also need my computer to work on my report cards. I miss it already. Stay tuned.

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