Two More Paintings Finished

….and one is a sunflower

I think I complained that I couldn’t paint sunflowers. Well I persisted and the smaller of the two paintings features a sunflower. Both paintings started out as large pieces that I ended up cutting down in size and painted over what I had already done. It took several tries but I’m finally happy with the final outcome.

Acrylic 6 1/2″ x 8″ unmatted
9″ x 11″ unmatted

Here’s a photo with both matted and framed and sitting side by side.


Back to the Drawing Board

….time to get serious

In June I have a solo show and I need to start producing some new art pieces. We’ve also decided to go to France in April so I really need to get my creative juices flowing. Last night I put down some colours on paper that I rarely use. Today I played around with two of them by adding ink and more paint. Not sure if these will go anywhere but it’s a start. I’m hoping to do some art every day in the month of March. Two days in and I’m heading in the right direction.

ACBF3-C5-F-93-A7-4117-9599-EA2-F2805-A6-B8 172-BA625-38-E0-4-D54-95-F0-D400485-B4-FFB-1-201-a A272390-C-58-FA-41-F0-9366-A14-F905-F95-AA-1-201-a

A Gallery of My Husband’s Art

…..Kevin only started painting again seriously last summer

Over the winter Kevin brought his paints back inside and worked on smaller pieces from his home office. He paints almost every day and some days he may do three or more paintings. Recently he started matting them and took lessons on how to photograph his work. I asked him to send me his favourite paintings. They are mostly mixed media and all are abstract. He likes to use watercolour, acrylic paints, pastels and inks.

99536-CD6-C2-F2-48-C4-928-F-D6-A8-F1-DCB03-D 985-D792-C-4111-48-E4-A1-EC-FDF959562-E0-D C81-B3963-707-F-4102-8-DA9-72-A0-E81270-CF

577-DCC83-6-A47-47-AE-ABFD-B982-A28-DEA66 CAAAB971-44-EA-433-E-BB52-A2-E72029-F0-D9 597-DDAE7-C38-C-4-D50-BC0-A-E98-A62331-A69-1-201-a 405-DB82-F-E465-4-C43-A93-D-2-BD46-BBEEACC 1-C46157-A-0-EC3-4513-94-FE-C4-D08-DBB7062