Back to the Drawing Board

….time to get serious

In June I have a solo show and I need to start producing some new art pieces. We’ve also decided to go to France in April so I really need to get my creative juices flowing. Last night I put down some colours on paper that I rarely use. Today I played around with two of them by adding ink and more paint. Not sure if these will go anywhere but it’s a start. I’m hoping to do some art every day in the month of March. Two days in and I’m heading in the right direction.

ACBF3-C5-F-93-A7-4117-9599-EA2-F2805-A6-B8 172-BA625-38-E0-4-D54-95-F0-D400485-B4-FFB-1-201-a A272390-C-58-FA-41-F0-9366-A14-F905-F95-AA-1-201-a

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