Two More Paintings Finished

….and one is a sunflower

I think I complained that I couldn’t paint sunflowers. Well I persisted and the smaller of the two paintings features a sunflower. Both paintings started out as large pieces that I ended up cutting down in size and painted over what I had already done. It took several tries but I’m finally happy with the final outcome.

Acrylic 6 1/2″ x 8″ unmatted
9″ x 11″ unmatted

Here’s a photo with both matted and framed and sitting side by side.


Making Art is a Family Affair

….today was a very productive day for art making

Not only did I complete two more watercolour abstracts but my husband made three more paintings and our granddaughter made a drawing with her mother after watching a youtube video.

5-C878-C8-B-E480-48-AD-B713-B60985199398 CB17-DC73-DB5-F-4019-9-AC2-C311581-CE764 6-ACA08-AB-0476-4-A01-A560-5-F35-ED4127-DB BAB31-A5-B-F5-E2-42-AE-BE3-E-B6-F08-B9-B9488