Weekly Photo Challenge – Under Cloudy Skies

…thanks to Traveling at Wits End for this week’s photo challenge Under Cloudy Skies

It almost looked like the city was burning but the dark cloud over the waterfront just left a dusting of snow.

A Photo a Week Challenge – The Great Outdoors

…thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting A Photo a Week Challenge

Nancy’s photo of a broken down wall in the middle of nature reminded my of the lighthouse keeper’s old home on Christian Island. The lighthouse has been automated for years and the home is a pile of rubble where nature has take over. Trees are literally growing out of the centre of the stone cottage.P1060752

Kammie’s Odd Ball Challenge – January 10, 2019

….thanks to Kammie for hosting the Odd Ball Challenge

Do you have any photos that don’t seem to fit into a category? Join the fun and add some of your own odd ball shots.

Playing Choo Choo Train with Papa


Climate Change is Real

….collage #2 of 8

This collage morphed into a political statement, although I don’t understand how science has, in this day and age, become political.

The collage started out with the big orange circle. Then I found the orange steer and layer it over some orange sky and desert like conditions. I added the umbrella for protection from the sun on one side and the acid rain on the other. The dark eyes at the top of the page could represent the evil nay sayers blinded by what they see before them. You can interpret this anyway you like.