An Update on my Art Progress

….finally completed my first big piece

I showed you how my tulip painting started and after several revisions I can now say that it is finished and ready to be sealed and wired. This is the biggest piece I’ve done to date. The canvas measures 15″ x 30″.

98-A12-C4-F-026-C-45-E7-948-E-2-FCD2-DED5490 7-DBD403-B-38-E2-4-B00-BB5-E-650-E5-C0317-F9 A6-B1-BDF4-3438-4-FE4-BA23-C34880-C18355 839777-E8-8-E20-475-E-B19-B-8-B03-ADB5-EA19 64-C1-EC97-CF0-B-4-F65-BD40-78-A58-AAE0692

As you can see I kept layering and layering paint till I was happy with the results. Here is the finished piece.


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