Starting a New Piece and……

….poured too much paint

I hate wasting paint. I remember an artist saying that she never threw left over paint away. Instead she took a fresh canvas and applied all the leftover paint to it and then later created a new painting working intuitively.

I had poured so much blue paint onto my palette that I ended up completely covering three small, 6″x6″ canvases and one 12″x12″ canvas. When they dried I decided to experiment on the larger square canvas and play with painting lavender flowers. Before I did that though I did paint the sky for my second 15″x30″ piece.

2-BDA55-F8-321-A-49-A6-BEA2-95-C665315-D5-C-1-201-a B8-E565-FF-D574-4676-A112-59-AAEE32-C26-F-1-201-a

Once I get going I can’t stop so I kept painting till the lavender piece was finished.


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