Texture Tuesday – Textures in Fibre Arts

….textures at the Assembly Hall

On my walk yesterday I went further than I have in months. It was a cool but gorgeous day as I made my way over to the Assembly Hall. It was about a 6K walk there and back. When I reached the hall I discovered that there was an art show on display called Herstory. It was put together by a group of Women from the Niagara Women’s Collective (SWFT) showcasing unique stories of women with overlapping experiences.

Some of my favourite pieces were the soft sculptures by Debra Jackson-Jones and Mori McCrae.

Debra Jackson-Jones: Covid Love: The Only Thing Living is my Virus 2022
Mori McCrae: Big Green Apple
Morie McCrae: Little Green Apple 2

I also enjoyed Francie McGlynn’s paintings that included soft woven patches of fabric and hard edged buttons.

How to Walk Your Dog in Times of Plague and War
The Woman Who Held Odd Notions

For those of you who live close by, the show runs till March 29, 2023 at the Assembly Hall Gallery at 1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr., Toronto, ON.

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