Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Treasure

thanks to Sue W and GC for hosting the Weekly Prompts https://weeklyprompts.com/2023/02/18/weekly-prompts-weekend-challenge-treasure/

Treasure for me is not my jewellery or furnishing or even my house. I learned a long time ago that ‘things’ don’t bring happiness, certainly not for a sustained period of time. My treasures are more life experiences that I’ve had and the memories that they evoke. My wedding day, giving birth and watching my children grow up are my greatest treasures. Now I can also add my grandchildren to that list.

If I started to post all my favourite memories I would be posting dozens of pictures. Instead I’ve decided to post some of my favourite ‘treasured’ photos from the past. I love these old photos.

My father, his sister and my grandparents in the 1930s
My mother and me when I was 1 year old
Our wedding day, August 16, 1975

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