An Explosion of Wacky Birds

….not literally

This week it’s been so hot that my husband didn’t think he could come up with a wacky bird. He decided to do a very quick sketch and apply watercolour without too much detail. When he finished the first painting he was so pleased with how quickly it came together and he decided to make another one. He ended up making four wacky birds in total and quickly realized that his inner Quentin Blake had been summoned. If you’re a fan of Roald Dahl books you’ll know what I mean.


11 thoughts on “An Explosion of Wacky Birds

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  2. I always love the birds. I was in a super hurry, so sorry I didn’t get anything written. Vince chomps at the bit to get going. He gives me a time, and then almost always moves it up a notch or two. In his defense, I’ve always had an on-time dyslexia. When I taught, the other teachers had to grab me by the ears to stop teaching and get to required assemblies (even the fun ones) Someone is always out there keeping me on schedule. 🙂

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