Art in my Sketchbook – Part 1

I haven’t posted any art for awhile

I haven’t worked on any large pieces lately. My focus has been mainly on drawing in my sketchbook. I signed up for two classes. One was with Lewis Rossignol called
Sketchbooking and the other is a two week class with Karen Abend called Sketchbook Revival. The latter is a free set of classes with 27 artists that each give a lesson that takes about 30 minutes. Sketchbook Revival is free and you can still sign up.

Lewis’s focus is on being loose and not too precious with your sketchbooks. In fact he encourages you to mess up your pages a bit so that it is easier to start drawing. He likes to work in ink, pen, and pencil and he uses collage to add interest and balance.

Here are a few of the sketches that I did after watching his lessons.

EC37-EB36-C27-F-4-A00-ACE3-ED4510-EAD31-F-1-201-a 1-A7-D7-D8-C-A55-D-4-FD3-9-C76-A164558-F0208-1-201-a 9-ABB893-C-945-E-409-D-803-D-629958441976

I will post my art from Day 1 of Sketchbook Revival in a post tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Art in my Sketchbook – Part 1

  1. Your mushrooms are the best! I have tried to get into the habit of daily sketching but it only lasts a few days at a time. Then I tried doing a small painting a day and it only lasted a few days at a time. So now I’m resigned to a few days at a time . . . it is what it is. Good luck!
    (I signed up for Sketchbook Revival too but only like to do some of the suggestions/techniques. I figure it’s good to be finicky at my age)

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    • Thanks Judith. I always have good intentions but I’m like you and start out strong but then I’m easily distracted by life and often don’t get to my sketchbook for days. I’m also pickier about which assignments I try for Sketchbook Revival and even when it comes to doing assignments for Carla Sonheim’s year long classes. I haven’t been that inspired by her classes so far this year. I hope they get better.


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