Water, Water Everywhere – #63

….thanks to Jez for hosting Water, Water Everywhere https://jezbraithwaite.blog/2021/02/08/bridges-fan-of-96-and-water-water-everywhere-63/

Drips, drops and blobs of coloured water. When you don’t get outside you need to come up with some inventive water pictures. I always have water on my art table and I started playing with the water, brushes and paints.

A7933-D6-F-6-EE0-4-A6-F-9-DDE-4-AEA0575436-B 9-CD24-A00-1915-4721-B39-D-EC5-F489676-ED-1-201-a D44-EEFF3-0-D1-E-477-F-BD42-BF65-EEC6-C5-C1-1-201-a 21-EF89-BC-608-C-4-BED-890-A-A5-CBBF71-E98-C-1-201-a

This eventually became a painting. I’ll put it in my next post.

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