One Word Sunday – Seasonal

…thanks to Debbie for hosting One Word Sunday

With Christmas around the corner and COVID all around us we’ve decided to decorate for the holiday season early. Every day I’ve been pulling out some decorations and lovingly finding a special corner for them. Now some of you might think that this isn’t early at all but for me, the person who decorates her tree on Christmas Eve, this is early.

We were suppose to get our tree on Friday but we had to postpone because one of our daughters found out that she had been in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus. As soon as we find out that she’s negative (hopefully) we’ll find another time to drive to a tree farm to get the tree.

So my entry for Seasonal is related to the Christmas season. Here are some of the decorations that are up in the house. The outside has been done for weeks already.

E623915-D-D444-42-F3-A257-0655009-D825-A B7-A8451-B-765-B-46-AD-A5-E9-546-FD04-F7998 FD1-FB8-AC-7-DF0-4-FCB-A2-F1-CFEBB743-FB14 C0370781-531-F-4342-88-A0-261491977751

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