Water, Water, Everywhere – #46

thanks to Jez for hosting Water,Water Everywhere https://jezbraithwaite.blog/2020/09/21/full-speed-ahead-water-water-everywhere-46/

As many of you know I am always close to water. I live next to Lake Ontario and my cottage is on Georgian Bay. This past weekend I closed the cottage for the summer. I took one final walk on the beach Sunday morning and was greeted by the beautiful mist that was coming off the lake. Clearly the water was warmer than the air.

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6 thoughts on “Water, Water, Everywhere – #46

  1. Stunning shots, love seeing sea mist in the early morning πŸ˜ƒ I’m just back tracking through your site; for some reason your comments or pingbacks haven’t been showing up on mine (been having issues with pingbacks for a whole now 😩

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    • Thanks Jez. For some reason your posts now appear on my primary email page while everyone else that I follow appear on my social page. This is true for a few other followers and I’m not able to access my site from your or their posts. I’m not sure if you changed something in your settings because I used to be able to access my site from yours. I’d copy your link and then attach it to my posts and that usually pingbacks to your site. Sorry. you’ve been having issues. Have you tried to talk to someone at WordPress? A while back I was having problems with likes and leaving comments and I finally had to switch from Safari to Chrome and all my problems disappeared.

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      • Been having problems for a while with pingbacks; I’ve checked all the settings & they seem fine. I might give chrome a go but failing that, I’ll give WordPress a shout when I get a decent bit of time. Thanks for the advice πŸ˜ƒ

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      • When I did contact WordPress they told me I had handed out too many likes and comments at my end. It didn’t make sense. It was very frustrating because none of it was true but switching over to Chrome fixed the problem. I think a couple of followers had a similar problem and they suggested the switch. It didn’t come from WordPress. Hope you’re able to resolve the problem.

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