Macro Monday – September 21, 2020

I love taking macro shots

Our last weekend at the cottage. I took a few moments to search for interesting macro shots of nature.

DCE33-C5-D-14-B8-4210-969-B-7-AC5-CB1-CE15-D 820040-D5-412-B-42-F8-8-D4-B-D5-E5-CDA8-F697 2-DF40845-730-B-44-D3-B06-F-F07-EA2-EEA1-FC E1-C3-B69-A-486-C-4-D63-B4-D9-69-EC4-A57-C2-EC 3-C60-C7-D0-7822-434-D-8-E7-B-18-D86-CC0-F8-DF 3-BA64-D5-A-D748-4379-B369-D576-E7-EBDF5-B 2-F4-A7-A3-F-CAC5-4-A3-F-AD7-F-5-DB2-C758-A53-C 70821294-5-FAC-41-CC-B26-F-BE0-E36899793 1-A590-C40-9-F25-4483-B2-F9-1149-F104-C89-B

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