The Life of a Dead Tree

….recently featured at MOCA

Several weeks ago my daughter, daughter-in-law and I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto. My daughter wanted to check out the zine show and I wanted to see the gallery. I’d never been to MOCA and the entrance fee was free that day….BONUS!!!IMG-3102

The zine show was packed with young entrepreneurs, displaying and selling their tiny self published magazines.IMG-3110

In the main gallery, the show that was featured was called ‘The Life of a Dead Tree’ and it consisted of sections of a dead tree that had been taken down here in the city. There was an on going study of the tree and there were experts around the room that could answer questions that you might have about what you were seeing. I’m glad we took the time to ask questions because it made the display that much more interesting.


The part that I found most interesting were the insects that inhabited the tree and were eventually the demise of the tree.IMG-3122

When I saw the patterns on the next two photos I thought that they were done by humans as part of the art project. To my amazement the guide explained how the emerald ash borer had made these marks….beautiful but deadly.


2 thoughts on “The Life of a Dead Tree

  1. I have never been to the MOCA either. This tree exhibit looks very interesting.

    I seen to be running across a lot of material lately about invasive species. We have made a really grand mess of things with human interference 😕

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