Too Late, Too Wet and Too Cold

….everything is about two weeks behind schedule

Walking through the neighbour in the last two days it is abundantly clear that spring is not where it should be. The leaves are only now starting to appear, the blossoms are hesitant to open and the ground is sopping wet. My planter boxes are swimming in water, making it impossible to plant anything and the winds are cold and unforgiving. Our daily temperatures are well below normal and the precipitation is above normal.

You’ve probably heard of the flooding we’re experiencing in parts of Ontario and Quebec. On my walks along the shoreline I’m beginning to notice that the water levels in Lake Ontario are rising. To alleviate some of the flooding further east the water from Lake Ontario has been held back to keep the water levels in the St. Lawrence more manageable.

The islands off of Toronto are in danger of flooding again this year and the sea walls along the edge of the city are completely under water. Climate change is truly a problem and for those who are still naysayers just look outside your own windows. Hopefully things will start to dry up by the weekend when the temperatures are suppose to get closer to normal. Hard to believe that the long weekend is in a few days.IMG-2240

4 thoughts on “Too Late, Too Wet and Too Cold

  1. I hope it got better by now because here it got worse. I have yet to wear short sleeves or go sockless this year whereas usually we are on the beach by now because it’s hot. Makes one wonder if we are ever going back to schedule.

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