Artsy Crochet – Another Art Form

… 83 of 365 Days of Art

Every once in awhile I like to change things up. Recently I took a crochet class. After making numerous wash clothes and coffee cup holders I decided it was time to branch out or get more creative. One thing that I love making are hats, so I found a pattern for an Owl hat for my granddaughter. Normally I make things too large but this time it may be on the small side. If it is, I’ll hang on to it until more grandchildren come around or if someone else is having a baby.

Here is my first attempt at an owl hat for a toddler made with a crochet hook.


9 thoughts on “Artsy Crochet – Another Art Form

  1. Oh, Carol I sooo LOVE this hat!! ❤️💕😊
    I have a hat that someone made me as a child, I have it hanging in my art room. I will send you a photo of it on Facebook. 😃 This hat had a face on the back… remind me if I forget to send you! Cheers!

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