Sunday Morning Walk

….an exceptionally beautiful day

I knew that I would be indoors for most of the day trying to clean-up the two rooms upstairs so I went out for my walk early today. Frances and I headed out towards Col. Sam Smith Park. It was a glorious morning and the runners, dog walkers, nature photographers and cyclists were out early as well. With my iPhone in hand I took as many photos as Frances would allow.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Walk

  1. Lovely to see spring coming in, though the forecast for next week here is back to winter. However the daffodils are blooming merrily as are the primulas, the purple daphne and some other spring shrubs. Whilst shopping yesterday I notice a few cherry trees blooming. And along with the flowers comes longer days now that the clock has changed. So happy about that. Hope your home changes are progressing well.

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    • Well it feels good to purge but it seems like an endless ordeal. Now that retirement is close at hand I need to purge at school as well. A little bit every day and hopefully I’ll see the light at the end of the road.


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