Two Weekends With a Baby

….part 3 of A Busy Three Days

Over the last two weekends  we had the pleasure of hosting our daughter and her baby. When they arrived the first time it was the Saturday that I was working at the Fun Fair at school. As soon as the Silent Auction ended I packed up my winnings and headed home. Our granddaughter greeted me with a big smile when I walked through the door.

There was a lot of passing the baby around while we cooked dinner. After the baby was born I acquired two pieces of baby equipment that I’ve never regretted owning. One is the high chair that I literally found on the street last summer and the other is an exer-saucer that I purchased second hand at Once Upon a Child. Apart from taking up a lot of space, these two items have come in handy on numerous occasions.

The plan was for Mom and the baby to spend the night with us because Dad was at a conference here in the city. Dad was going to drive back home, get a good night’s sleep and then drive back to the city for the second day of the conference.  Unfortunately the first weekend sleepover didn’t work out as planned. When it came time to put the baby down for the night she had other ideas. Our daughter admits that if she’d given it a bit more time the baby eventually would have fallen asleep but she was a bit stressed, called her husband and he picked both of them up.

The next day they returned early in the morning. Plans had been made to meet up with a girlfriend and her baby at the park a few blocks over from our house. It was fun putting Winnie on the swing and some of the colourful ‘bug’ seats in the park. I also learned that you have to watch her like a hawk because everything goes into her mouth. For a split second I took my eyes off her when my husband texted me about going shopping and I wrote back ‘okay’. In the time it took me to type that little word, Winnie had put a wood chip in her mouth. Luckily I got it out before she swallowed it.

The following weekend G’s husband had to go to Sudbury on a business trip so we tried the overnight experiment again. This time the two of them managed to stay overnight. I slept like a log but my daughter said she was up every two hours. In the morning Winnie was all smiles and her grandfather made her a special breakfast of pancakes.


I’m feeling somewhat better about taking an eight month old baby to Italy. Her sleep patterns may be off for a few days until she adjusts to the time change but at least we know she likes pasta.


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