Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity

….this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Serenity

Nothing is more serene to me than sitting by or on the water on a hot summer’s day

P1010853 IMG_0975 P1020705

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity

  1. Great gallery, Carol ….. I wouldn’t mind having any of those views just now … but I also would love to have some real winter for a couple of days. My pick here, must be the two chairs. Have a lovely weekend.


    • Dorothy I had to go to the dictionary to understand what you meant by ‘burn’. I kind of figured that it was a brook or stream and I did learn that it is a term used mostly in Scotland and northern England. I asked my husband, who has Irish roots, but he’d never heard the word used in that context. Thanks for broadening my awareness of the English language.


      • Yes, Carol, it’s a stream but we refer to it as a burn, just as we call a lake a loch. Burns run down our hillsides, are especially numerous in the west where its wetter, their water is often slightly brown from flowing through peat, and lots of springy mosses and lichens carpet their sides. Sitting by a burn listening to it gurgle over stones can be quite magical.


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