A New Cooking Blog – The Tiniest Test Kitchen

….my youngest daughter has gone back to her first love

Forgive me, as I take a moment to gush over my daughter’s new blog. After high school she studied to become a chef. Three years later, she decided that she really didn’t want a career in a professional kitchen. Luckily her love of food and food preparation wasn’t totally extinguished. Four years later after graduating with a degree in photography she met her husband. He too was a foodie and their common interest in cooking and photography was literally a match made in heaven. Two years later they became engaged to be married and G started her first blog. A wedding blog.

To make a long story short, they were married a year later and the blog was rated as one of the top ten wedding blogs in Canada. Unfortunately it was difficult making a living from the blog alone so she gave it up and worked on editing other people’s blogs.

After taking a long hard look at what she really loved she has decided to return to food and created a food and recipe testing kitchen. This is where her new blog comes into play. She is producing about one recipe a week. So far I can vouch for every recipe. They are all delicious. I hope you take a minute to visit her site. She has added a subscription button so you can be notified whenever she posts a new recipe.


The Tiniest Test Kitchen


7 thoughts on “A New Cooking Blog – The Tiniest Test Kitchen

  1. P.S. It’s a beautiful looking blog but I would advise her to put the subscribe box at the TOP not at the bottom – I almost gave up looking and there was no place to write her a message . . . that I could find.


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