Having a ‘Hoot’ of a Time

….drawing owls

I recently signed up for an on-line art class using gelli plates. I did one last summer and I loved it. So when Carla Sonheim offered another class I jumped at the chance to participate again. This class uses some of the prints I’ve done in the past and involves drawing on the actual gelli plate. I, therefore needed a subject to draw that was relatively simple and would work in a print application.

I choice to draw an owl. I’ve always been attracted to owls and wanted to create an owl that is somewhat whimsical yet simple. Here are some of the owls that I played around with tonight.

photo 5-30photo 4-34 photo 3-36 photo 2-46 photo 1-43

I think I will probably use the first two in my prints. We’ll see I may change my mind or I may draw a few more.


3 thoughts on “Having a ‘Hoot’ of a Time

  1. I love owls too … had a pet owl by name Oscar when I was 7-8 years. What a wonderful creature. My grandpa found him on the ground in forest when he was only a couple of weeks old. The owl with the striped chest is my favorite.


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