Happy Anniversary to Us!

…..38 years and still going strong

wedding photo

Today K and I celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary. Wow! Looking back through the photo albums it’s clear that we’ve changed physically but how we’ve grown and matured emotionally and socially aren’t as obvious.

K still has all his hair and there is very little grey. No, he does not use Grecian Formula. The big difference is that he likes to keep it really short. Drives me crazy because I’m the one who cuts it. Just when I start to like the length he insists it’s time for another buzz. I, on the other hand, still have very blonde hair but I do cover my grey and I’ve been wearing it longer.

We’ve both gained weight over the years. K used to run marathons when we were first married and even when the kids came along. Except on our wedding day, I’ve always weighed more than my husband. Even at my thinnest, 132 pounds, K weighed 2 pounds less (at the peak of his marathon running days). Although we’re both heavier now we’re probably fitter than we’ve been in years. We walk anywhere from 5 to 10 k every day and we eat pretty healthy meals.

I’ve always worked as a teacher but at numerous different schools and I’ve changed specialties over the years. K on the other hand has had a lot of different jobs  but he’s happiest working on his own. He’s been self employed for over 20 years.

People often ask what our secret is to maintaining such a long relationship. There really is no secret. We have our rough patches just like everyone else but we work through them together. We also give each other a lot of freedom to pursue our interests. K has always supported my little business adventures over the years and encourages me when I take courses and classes. I do the same for K. A few years back K was travelling to Ireland on his own almost every year. I knew it was important to him to keep in touch with his family and travelling in June or October made sense, money wise. Of course that meant that I couldn’t go because I’d be working. On the other hand, however, I have the cottage and I spend a great deal of time there during the summer.

When we were first married I did most of the cooking but K has become a very good chef and he prepares at least 75% of all our meals. I can’t tell you how envious my friends are.


One of the most difficult  periods of our marriage took place about 3 years ago when K was diagnosed with cancer, CLL. Last year he underwent 6 months of chemo and I’m happy to say that he is in remission for now. We know that it will return but we’re hoping that it will be later rather than sooner. Today he went for his routine three month check-up and everything looks good but more importantly he feels good. This is the best anniversary present for both of us.

July 2013 at Howth, Ireland

July 2013 at Howth, Ireland

21 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us!

      • Wow, that’s truly a beautiful and rare thing in the world we live in now … I think couples quit too early in a relationship. I am really happy you shared this with us! 🙂


    • I find it so sad when people separate after being married for decades because they don’t like each other anymore. I couldn’t imagine staying in a relationship where love and respect have disappeared.


  1. Happy Aniversary!!! You are both so fortunate to have found someone that completes you and loves you dispite your foibles. I guess its true, “All you need is love”.
    God Bless and here’s to another 38 plus years together!


    • Thank you for your congratulatory comment. It really helps to talk about the good and the bad and the support from family and friends (including the blogging community) keeps me motivated to see the good in all things.


  2. I hope you had a wonderful annivsersary and celebrated in style (although as you’ve done so beautifully here, celebrating the journey and the best in each other is the most important thing…) here’s to a long, healthy and happy cancer-free future together.


  3. Sorry it’s belated, but health, happiness and fulfilment to you both. You sound as if you have had a great summer – hope summer lasts a very long time for you. I’ll raise a glass of wine to your health tonight.


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