Going to the Cottage for a Few Days

will be off grid and unable to post

I’m finally getting back up to the cottage. With no electricity or internet I won’t be posting any photos or stories for awhile. Hopefully when I return I’ll have lots of new photo and some adventures to share with you. Here’s just a taste of what I’ll be experiencing.


A Few Days Off

….from blogging that is

Tomorrow I’m driving 2 1/2 hours north east of the city to go camping with 60 Grade 5 students. We’ll be sleeping in cabins but we’ll probably spend most of our time outside. I’ve got my long underwear, two pairs of boots, three pairs of mittens, scarves, extra socks and woollen hats packed and ready to go.

I’ll be driving with one other teacher. I’ve got my snow tires on and I had the transmission fluid topped up yesterday. After I pack up the car in the morning I have to stop and get gas before I head out to school. Once at school I have a couple of classes to teach in the morning and then we’ll load up the buses with the kids’ luggage and get the kids settled into their assigned seats.

It should be an interesting 3 days and 2 nights. Hopefully we won’t have a lot of kids coming to our cabin in the middle of the night because of home sickness. The fact that they have to leave their cabin, in the dark and in the cold will probably deter most students from making that trek.

I’m not sure that there will be any WiFi or internet connection so I probably won’t be posting any stories until I get back on Saturday. Besides, I think that we’re all going to be very busy during the day and early evenings and will probably be too tired to do anything but sleep later on.

See you Saturday. Wish me luck!

Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre