Hearts in Unexpected Places

in honour of Valentine’s week

On one of my walks on the weekend I came across this tree.

Last night’s charcuterie board from Global Cheese in Etobicoke
A lovely heart shaped cheese

4 thoughts on “Hearts in Unexpected Places

  1. Love the tree. I found a frozen heart in a puddle. Once you start looking… But the cheese! Besides when I hear Wensleydale I can only think of Terry Pratchett / Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens – one of the four children is called Wensleydale by his friends (even his parents seem to have forgotten his actual name).

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    • We still haven’t cut into the heart shaped cheese. We had my daughter and daughter-in-law over yesterday and there’s still cheese left on that tray. I love Neil Gaiman’s books but I haven’t read that one. Interesting story behind the name.

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