Water, Water Everywhere….The Loire River, France

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The longest river in France is the Loire. It is 634 miles (1,020 kilometers) long. The Loire Valley is a popular tourist area known for its châteaus (French for “castles”). The scenic valley is sometimes called the Garden of France.

The Loire River begins about 4,500 feet (1,370 meters) above sea level in the Cévennes mountain range of southern France. It is fed by melting snow from mountain peaks. The Loire flows north through central France before swinging in a great curve past the city of Orléans and turning westward. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean near the city of Nantes.” Sourced from kids.britannica.com

We saw the Loire in Tours and then again on our castle visits in Amboise and Blois.

In Tours, France

On our visit to the Royal Chateau Amboise, we saw the river from the top of the castle, overlooking the Loire Valley.

View from the top of the castle

On our last castle tour in Blois we saw the Loire River again from the lookout on the castle grounds and then again at street level.


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