The Food in France

…..we’re on a culinary adventure

Before venturing out on this trip I lost 12 pounds. I’ve been walking anywhere from 10 000 to 16 000 steps every day. Both these things are good because the food here is amazing. There are cafés everywhere and boulangeries and patisseries on every street.

Right below our apartment there are at least five outdoor restaurants and across the street there are five more.

The market is about a ten minute walk from our place and it takes us through a lovely treed boulevard.

We’ve quickly learned that a lot of shops and/or vendors here don’t open on Monday and Tuesday, especially smaller places. Larger main stream stores are open all the time. Here are just a few delights from the market.

Paté de Pacque….an Easter specialty
The best croissants in town
…..and of course coffee
…..and lots of wine

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