Saturday Sloth (or Sunday Sloth)

….a new art challenge for Kevin

A while back our five year old granddaughter wondered by Papa didn’t make Saturday Sloths. Kevin couldn’t ignore the request so he has now added sloths to his collection of drawings. Sloths are slow and can be characterized as lazy so if Kevin doesn’t get the sloth drawn by Saturday he doesn’t feel bad.

This week’s sloth is my favourite so far so I’ve decided to share it with you.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Sloth (or Sunday Sloth)

  1. That’s how I’ve been recently. I’m enjoying vegging and blogging. 🙂 AND you got me hooked on Silent Witness. I’m on Season 14 already. So you know I’ve been wasting a lot of time instead of sleeping or doing something productive. LOL

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