8 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wacky Bird

      • I took an all-consuming job for awhile, and then BAM the pandemic. It’s very busy at my house with three kids and a husband all connected from home. No eating out. The house fell apart. Luckily, things have eased a bit. Hope your family is well.

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      • Thanks for taking the time to fill me in. I lost my Dad last October. He was 94 and had a good life. He died the way he wanted to …in his sleep. I’ve have another granddaughter born in London, England just one year ago. Haven’t met her yet. Our plans to fly over were squashed by the pandemic. Lots of pictures and videos on Whatsapp so that helps a lot. My husband and I have discovered that not only do we love each other but we also like each and that has made being isolated from family and friends bearable. A few more grey hairs and some unwanted pounds have been the curse of COVID 19 for us. My family in London all came down with the virus but survived without any complications.

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      • So glad you’re all well. What a rollercoaster ride we’ve all been on, haven’t we? My husband lost his dad last December, and that has been hard. He had an incurable lung disease. He would have been terrified to get this virus since he already had lost so much lung capacity. I hope you’re able to see your new granddaughter one day soon, in person!


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