Catching Up

….thanks to Xingfu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat and Becky B for January Squares

I rarely combine two challenges into one but this shot in High Park today worked for Pull Up a Seat and January Squares. Day 15.


I’m a little behind so I’m catching up with three squares today. The next two are for days 13 and 14. The first one is Looking Up the Path. The path is almost completely hidden because of the leaves but there is a path there and the following photo is Uprooted. In the naturalized area of High Park the trees fall naturally when they die unless they are a hazard to the walkers and then they are cut down to avoid any accidents.

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12 thoughts on “Catching Up

      • Around here a mild January day has us all out walking around the neighborhood. I walk every day because I have the pups and nice winter ones are the ones with the most zigging and zagging as we evade each other.

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      • Went for a long walk today in High Park. There must have been thousands of people there but luckily it’s a very large park and it was easy to keep socially distant. Even though people were outside many chose to wear masks. I kept mine on my neck and when I had to pass people I pulled it up over my nose.

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