A Cool and Blustery Day

….but the fight against litter continues

Originally we had decided that it would be too wet today to go trash hunting but there was a pause in the rain this morning so Trish and I decided to go and collect a few more bags of litter before the rain started up again. We went back to the park on Third Street where we’ve already been twice to clean up.

One thing that we’ve discovered is that a lot of garbage comes directly from the cars that are parked along the street. Instead of opening the door and walking 20 steps to the closest garbage can they simple toss their garbage next to the curb. We also noticed that someone who likes high end beer simple left six empty bottles among the rocks. Luckily none of them were broken but it would only have been a matter of time.


I think this is what you call ‘jumping for joy’ when the job was done for the day.

9 thoughts on “A Cool and Blustery Day

    • I don’t get it either. One person I met blames it on the younger generation but I’m sure most of this comes from adults who feel entitled and can’t be bothered to walk a few feet to the nearest bin. As a child it was drilled into us ‘Do Not Litter’ and as a teacher I remember teaching and preaching about the environment ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. Unfortunately if parents don’t reinforce what’s taught in school it’s soon forgotten.


    • People are either very appreciative of what we do or they are embarrassed. I wonder if those people have been guilty of littering. Today a group of people were standing by their parked car and I saw an empty beer bottle on the curb. I went right over and picked it up and asked them if it belonged to them. One of them said it wasn’t his, that he had put his away. He didn’t offer to take it from me. I had to walk it over the the bin myself.

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