Snow, Snow and More Snow

…it’s looking more like January than November 12th

Yesterday the snow started to fall and the temperature stayed below freezing so it didn’t melt. It just kept snowing and snowing and snowing. The leaves are still on the trees, my garden furniture isn’t put away and my snow tires are not on my car. Apparently we’ve set a record for the amount of snow that fell and the low temperatures that we experienced for this time of year.

Today my husband got up early and started shovelling the snow in front of our house and the homes of some of the neighbours and later in the day I had to spread de-icer on the stairs and the driveway. More snow on Thursday.


This last photo is of my snow tires waiting to go on the car but I couldn’t get an appointment until Dec. 11 to have them installed. I made the appointment a few days before this storm.

6 thoughts on “Snow, Snow and More Snow

  1. I think most people got caught off guard. I was expecting a ‘sprinkling’ of snow – not a major dump!
    … and the temperature this morning!! Holy Hell-Frozen-Over!
    Like you, I still had stuff to take care of outdoors. Sigh.

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    • My tires were sitting in front of the garage because I wanted to put my patio furniture away and then put the tires closer to the door so I could get to them when it was time to change them. Now that the snow has been around for three days and we’re suppose to get more it seems absolutely normal but it will be a very long winter if it doesn’t melt away soon. Next week should be warmer.


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