Going Up a Ski Hill in July

….no snow…don’t worry

Here in the west end of Toronto we have a park and a ski hill that was built entirely with garbage. It’s a wonderful place with soccer fields, baseball diamonds, a track and field stadium, walking paths, picnic areas, a go carting  facility, a golf course and yes a ski hill.

My husband is coaching a group of boys to help them with their physical endurance and running skills. Last week I decided to join him and we drove to Centennial Hill together. Rather than sit around I decided to go for a walk and I climbed the hill alongside the ski ramp. It was nice and shady and I could stop and rest on the ramp when I needed to.IMG-3074
At the top of the hill I had a wonderful view of the next city, Mississauga and the Toronto airport from one side and the park further along the ridge.


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