Collage Grid #1

….the first assignment from Carla Sonheim’s Year of  Collage

After dividing a page in my sketchbook into equal squares I took a handful of small bits of paper from magazines and my own art papers and thoughtfully placed them on the grid. Here is my finished piece.
The second part of this assignment is to take eight pages in my sketch book and glue one medium sized piece of paper on each page. Then we’re so suppose to go back and add some line and/or another piece of paper. We keep doing this to all eight pages until we feel we’re done. It’s okay to skip some pages and come back later. This is proving to be more challenging for me.

7 thoughts on “Collage Grid #1

  1. I can’t say I understand the second part of the assignment so I’ll be interested in seeing the end result.

    I’m intrigued by collage if only because I simply don’t understand it. While all the different images in the 1st part of the assignment produce a pleasing visual, is the purpose of a collage to always tell a story or have a meaning? In other words, is there some logic to the selection and placement of the objects? What was the objective of the assignment?

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    • I think part of the objective was to create a balanced grid, with shapes and colours. It was very time consuming and many people did more than one. The next part was to randomly choose eight pieces of paper to paste onto 8 different pages and then go back and add line or more paper to create an interesting image. The two that I’ve completed are probably too complex. I need to work on ‘simplicity’ but I think these exercises are meant to see where are creative juices want to flow. Mine always feel at the need to tell a story.

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      • I had the idea to take my photos for a month and create a collage of the month. I have the idea but no clue how to even begin to execute it. Maybe it’s just one of those cases where I have to simply start and see where it takes me.

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      • I think that’s exactly what you have to do. Just play around with arranging them, adding more , removing some and deciding if you want more or less. One thing you could do is pick one photo as your focal point and work around that.


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